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Low Voltage Power Factor Correction Banks and Automatic Power Factor Correction (APFC) equipment’s intended to be used for power factor correction purposes, equipped with built in switch gears and control gears. Installing capacitors allows the voltage drops to be reduced upstream of the point where the power factor correction device is connected. It avoids the overload of the network and allows the diminution of harmonics so that no overrating of the installation is necessary.

This is clean and reliable solution to providing quality power to the distribution network and to economize the electricity charge to customer/consumer.


  • Type tested assemblies for busbars as per IEC 61439-1
  • Power factor correction by multi step design
  • Standard & detuned capacitor banks
  • Capacitors are Self-healing, pressure sensitive disconnector & fitted with discharge resistors
  • Microprocessor based power factor controller with various switching sequences
  • Special contactors for power factor correction capacitors; equipped with limiting resistance for the inrush current.
  • Easy installation & maintenance.


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