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We manufacturer the world’s most advanced and flexible Design Verified busbar system. Supports and holders are made from reinforced self-extinguishing material. Busbar systems utilize standard 10mm flat bars and are a clamp-type arrangement. This allows the bars to easily slide into their holders, offering easy assembly as well as minimum resistance during expansion or contraction.

Fully insulated busbar systems are also available as standard. We manufacture a range of standard ventilated covers for busbar joint connections.


  • Total solution from 250A – 7100A and tested up to 100 kA / 1 sec and 50 kA / 3 sec
  • Main busbar chamber can be in the top, bottom, middle or rear section of the panel
  • Vast range of busbar holders for different ratings of busbars systems
  • Air natural ventilated busbar systems
  • Standard 10mm flat copper or aluminum bars
  • Assembler buys his own copper or aluminum bars
  • Arc fault containment testing in accordance with IEC 61641


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